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"LP Limited Watches" is a company based in Athens, Greece, which specialises mostly in buying and selling watches. We are doing wholesale business with major European companies in this industry or attending watch fairs in Europe. If you have a shop, or if you are a dealer or even a private collector, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Regardless or whether or not you choose to buy from LP Limited Watches, we would like to thank you for viewing one of our listings. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have or if you are looking for a product that you can not see in our listings. This can be done by clicking on "Contact Seller" under the Seller Information area. 

We may ask kindly from all our clients that are buying from our page and once everything went as wished through the purchase, please leave a review rating (comment).

Thank you in advance.

The LP Limited Watches team!

Our VAT number is EL801793241


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Συστάσεις άλλων εμπόρων Chrono24: 2
Ρολόγια που έχει πουλήσει μέσω της Chrono24: 137

κατά μ.ο. 5,0 από 5 αστέρια  |  Αξιολογήσεις: 127

Αξιολογήσεις αναλυτικά 

κατά μ.ο. 5,0 Αποστολή
κατά μ.ο. 4,9 Περιγραφή είδους
κατά μ.ο. 5,0 Επικοινωνία
100% των αγοραστών θα σύστηναν τον συγκεκριμένο έμπορο.

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LP Limited Watches

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