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In 2004 we started working in the watch industry as an independent importer of a niche watch brand. From 2009-2013 we became responsible for worldwide sales and marketing of this brand. This role helped us building an international network in the watch industry: brand owners, ceo's, watch journalists, importers and distributors...they all became part of this network. 

From 2013 we collaborate internationally with a number of distinguished brands, importers, jewellery stores...for sourcing of overstocks, close outs and outlet of entirely NEW watches. This is the way we source our stocks. We started selling these stocks on Chrono24.com in 2013. We rapidly gained the position of 'premium trusted seller', the highest possible trustworthiness status on this platform, while meanwhile receiving numerous independent recommendations. 

Apart from these daily changing stocks we can source any model of the major brands for you within our network. We have negotiated higher than average discounts because of the quantity we purchase (Avg delivery times: 1-4 weeks, depending on the watch). We are a reliable contact to purchase your high end watches as all our watches are brand new, complete with original box and papers, and have the full manufacturer's warranty, most of the time starting on the day of purchase. If different, this will be clearly indicated. 

Some of our watches are pre-owned. If this is the case we will clearly mention it. When needed, we can provide a vat invoice on your new watch purchase and if you are able to buy tax-free we will refund the vat (minus our processing costs). 

We ship our watches worldwide, after receiving bank transfer. US shipments can cause some issues due to import regulations concerning branded watches. Please do mail us with your questions or orders and feel free to visit our website anytime for more information about our collections. 


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