Watches and Technology

23 Σεπ 2020
 5 minutes

The Grandfather of the Modern Chronograph Movement: Seiko 6139

By Hirota Masayuki
17 Αυγ 2020
 3 minutes

A Day in the Life of a Watchmaker: Water Resistance

By Chrono24
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17 Ιουν 2020
 7 minutes

A Beginner’s Guide to Watch Movement Manufacturers

By Tim Breining
22 Μαΐ 2020
 7 minutes

A Watch’s Energy Source: The Mainspring

By Tim Breining
20 Μαρ 2020
 1 minute

Legendary Chronographs and the Complication’s History

By Pascal Gehrlein
10 Μαρ 2020
 6 minutes

Why Watch Movements Have Jewels

By Tim Breining
30 Ιαν 2020
 6 minutes

What Are Flyback and Rattrapante Chronographs?

By Tim Breining
3 Ιαν 2020
 5 minutes

The World of Hybrid Luxury Watches

By Tom Mulraney
25 Δεκ 2019
 7 minutes

Equation of Time: How They Work and Three Stunning Models

By Tomas Renner
Außergewoehnliche Komplikationen_2_1
3 Δεκ 2019
 6 minutes

The 3 Most Unusual Watch Complications

By Tim Breining
What is a minute repeater, and how does it work?
20 Νοε 2019
 4 minutes

What is a minute repeater, and how does it work?

By Mathias Kunz